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Winner of EIT Health Headstart Award 2019 and COVID-19 Impact Award 2020

Developed by doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs to empower doctors in their daily challenges.

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We help doctors to include increasingly fast progressing research in every therapeutic decision.

Clinical trials are usually made up of a limited patient population and of products. 

Doctors must perform time-consuming analyses in order to draw conclusions for a specific patient on the basis of several publications.


At RAMPmedical, the underlying data of the predictions are subject to an analysis and evaluation of quality, methodology and independence of information.


AI methods offer significant support in predicting whether the specific combination of therapies is the best and safest for that patient.

Rebuilding trust with patients and giving doctors one less thing to worry about. 

Complex patient cases, institutional weaknesses, unrestricted access to unedited information for patients and an immature error prevention system are all part of the health care system.


Corresponding circumstances lead to a loss of trust between patients and their doctors. We help doctors manage complex patient cases and enable them to assess evidence of previously unknown therapies at a glance. 

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A medically meaningful support for the adherence to medical practice budgets and the optimization of the length of stay of patients in hospitals.

Medical practices are required to treat patients to their best ability, and to work efficiently. Due to the time consuming nature of the job, it gives doctors little to no time to do research in their daily work. According to the German Drug Commission, up to 25% of cases in hospitals, do not sufficiently consider other diseases or circumstances of the patient. For office-based doctors, the average time a doctor has per patient for treatment is only 7.5 minutes. This leads to important diagnosis being missed, resulting in high costs and effects on the patient’s health. 


Patients for who contraindications have been overlooked and who therefore experience side effects stay in hospital on average 7 days longer. This leads to high costs for the hospital. 


Severe side effects and treatment errors are also a financial burden to medical practices. This is because if too many patients are hospitalized or the costs of treatment are too high, registered doctors are threatened with financial recourse.


We support doctors in avoiding treatment errors and allow them to research the necessity of treatment in the event of financial recourse.

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Winner of EIT Health Headstart Award 2019 and COVID-19 Impact Award 2020

"RAMPmedical is the most exciting project I have seen in years."

Professor Dr. Jean-Marc Planeix 

Dean - Chemistry Faculty

University of Strasbourg

"When prescribing specific therapy, RAMP allows me to know all of the possible effects, contraindications, harmful drug interactions and comparing that to up to 10 possible therapies -which my current solution does not offer-."

Simon Rekanovic

Medical Doctor

General hospital Slovenj Gradec

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