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Essential medical support

Smart. Accessible. Simple.

RAMPmedical - Clinical Decision Support - Cardiology and Oncology - AI support for safe treatment decisions is supported by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

RAMP software and services were launched in 2015 by Helene Schönewolf and Jacques Ehret to help doctors find the right therapy for each patient.


As medical professionals, Helene Schönewolf and Jacques Ehret were personally affected by this problem. Likewise, they tried solving this problem without AI software support - almost impossible to be sure of a therapy. One of the problems is that many treatments are still in discussion. During this process, they quickly discovered how easy it is to solve these difficult questions with software. Since its beginning, the RAMP software has won several awards, including two EU prizes.



High-tech, AI & state-of-the-art research

We use the most advanced and powerful technologies to support doctors.


Unlimited use & free access

Fairness and transparency are important to us. We do not sell patient data.


Easy to use

We pay particular attention to ease of use. We solve problems holistically.


Since the beginning, the RAMP software has won several awards, including two EU prizes.

Winners of the 2019 EIT Health Headstart Award and 2020 EIT Health Headstart Award for COVID-19 Solutions.

EIT Health
EIT Health

Winner of the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards

Healthy Longevity Global Grand Challenge

Top Digital Health Startup Europe 2018, awarded by:


Winner among + 3.000 start-ups



RAMP Administrator

RAMP Administrator is an electronic medical record that allows you to manage your patients' data.

RAMP Researcher

RAMP's CDS Researcher is an EU award-winning AI decision support tool that helps doctors find the right treatment for their patients. 

The CDS Researcher works in two ways: as a Researcher Alert System and as a Researcher Interface.

Researcher Interface 
Researcher Alert System 

The Researcher Interface 

enables active access to support for challenges such as diagnosis or therapy selection.

The Researcher Alert System 

constantly scans patient data and informs the doctor about possible near misses, or highlights relevant information or results of the AI analysis.


University partners


Kardiologische Abteilung – PD Leistner

Faculté de médicine
Faculté de Chimie

Software partners

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Essential support for clinical decision. Smart. Accesible. Simple.

Henisaja GmbH

Kastanienallee 61, 10119 Berlin

Chief Executive Officer: Helene Schönewolf


Phone number: +49 (0) 30 31 98 08 52

Email address:

Registered at the local court Berlin Charlottenburg HRB 167143 B

USt.-ID: DE299921795

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