We're founding a start up: Let's see how it turns out..

I just quit my job at marketing, Jacques is still working on his PhD in chemo-informatics. We want to improve medical care. Doctors should have an independent platform, where they can look up new drugs!

Starting today, we're officially owner of a GmbH. firma.de helped us through the process.

Contracts, founding process, ...

Firma.de are really helpful, because I don't know much, yet, about contracts and these processes of founding a company.

Choice of legal form

GmbH is some sort of German Limited. But you need to have at least 25k € and transfer at least 12,5k € to the companies account right away. I informed myself very well. For us, it was a good choice, because

- we have just that kind of money and that tells other people that we're not people who are doing this because nobody wants to hire us, but because, even if I'm 26 and Jacques 27 years old, we managed to have a certain amount of money. I tell you, I didn't get it from rich parents..

- we have a certain limitation of liability. Our work is about a risky field - sick people.. Of course, everything we do, we do carefully. But if anything goes wrong..

- this might going to be a big project. Later, we might want to sell shares. We'll see...


To found a GmbH, we signed a partnership agreement at Eberhardt + Pohl, a lawyer and notary's office. Mrs. Eberhardt explained everything to us. She seemed really nice. Notaries have their fixed price list. So, I think there are very little chances, that they ripped us off. For a notary's office in Berlin, I can really recommend them.

What we do

I worked in pharma marketing and I noticed that doctors prescibe slowly new drugs. I asked some doctors if they like the way they get to know new drugs "through us", so through pharma companies, and didn't exactly say no, except from one, who screamed it at me, but I could definitely tell, that they don't like it. And I think it's just logic. In the end, we're selling them drugs and try to present our drug in a good light. Researching the drug I was responsible for, I found out, that this was really a good drug. But less successful than the competition, in business terms. Even though, our side effects were much less dangerous.. but our marketing budget was much smaller...

Do you want your health depending on the marketing budgets of companies? Doctors don't want that either.

That's why we will at least list new drugs and sort them by medical field, put all that on a website. So that doctors can at least know that new drugs exist in their field.


Henisaja GmbH


Kastanienallee 61

10119 Berlin


Chief Executive Officer:  Helene Schönewolf

+49 (0) 30 31 98 08 52​

Registered at the local court Berlin Charlottenburg HRB 167143 B

VAT: DE299921795

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