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Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Berlin, 21/04/2015: Jacques and I are sitting at the notary's office, signing the partnership agreement, investing all our money, I had just quit my job in pharma marketing - to solve a huge problem.

The problem sounds so technical, so I just describe when the problem hits you...

If you are a normal person, you're sick from time to time. And your doctor prescribes, let's say, antibiotics, didn't you get comments from other people that antibiotics are bad or that there's maybe another drug that might be better for you? People seem to get different advice from different doctors...

Before RAMP, I worked in pharmaceutical marketing, to be precise, in multi-channel-marketing. Basically we had this new innovative drug, that helps MS patients to drastically reduce their muscular spasm. If you launch a new drug, if it's effective or not, it takes many years to reach its market potentials. That means, that every doctor, whose patients would benefit from it, prescribes it.

Do you know, what that means? There are not more people getting sick. But before, patients who would have needed the drug, didn't get it...

Now the PROBLEM behind it:

Accessing scientific research takes so much time and the amount of knowledge has gotten so huge, that it's impossible for doctors or any person to know every treatment possibility. At the same time, deciding which treatment is the best, is really complex. It's not only about knowing which treatment possibilities there are, but try to compare them. Don't forget to respect allergies, some drugs are not suitable for children and what about drug interactions..? Do you know, why so many older people suffer from liver or kidney failure? That's often because of diseases but that's also a common effect of drug interactions.

Today, still in Berlin: We've found the solution that many people were looking for! We build a prototype of RAMP, that enables doctors to take a therapy decision, regarding all research results in the world, within the time that the patient spends with his doctor.

You consider the standard therapy or an alternative? - Look at RAMP!

Are you missing out some interactions? - Look at RAMP!



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