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Understand your patient’s risk of bleeding in 30 seconds | RAMP News | PRECISE-DAPT

The PRECISE-DAPT Risk Calculator (PREdicting bleeding Complications In patients undergoing Stent implantation and subsEquent Dual Anti Platelet Therapy) was developed to predict the risk of bleeding in individual patients with coronary artery disease, treated coronary stenting and subsequent dual antiplatelet therapy.

The score is the result of the analysis from:

  • 14,963 patients

  • Eight randomized clinical trials

  • 130 clinical sites

  • 12 countries worldwide

PRECISE-DAPT | RAMPmedical Therapy Decision Support
PRECISE-DAPT | RAMPmedical Therapy Decision Support

How to use it?

The fastest way to calculate the PRECISE-DAPT is in the main view of the RAMP App. The PRECISE-DAPT appears under the “Bleeding risk” button. The doctor can learn the risk of bleeding and the duration of the dual antiplatelet therapy in 3 steps:

Enter the patient data: hemoglobin values, age, white blood cell count, creatinine clearance and previous bleeding.

The software analyses the information entered.

The result appears indicating the number of points, the risk of bleeding and the duration of the therapy.

Finally, doctors can use the therapy decision support for antiplatelet therapies, and choose the best one for their patients.

Get free access to the PRECISE-DAPT Risk Calculator here.

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