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Startups vs COVID-19: Chatting with the winners of the Headstart COVID-19 call

As part of winning the Headstart programme for solutions to combat COVID-19, the German team of EIT Health conducted a short interview to discuss further our solution, but also the impact of the coronavirus on the startup scene. On top of this, we had the possibility to think about the actual and the future scenario of the digital health scene:

"I think that the crisis has helped to bring awareness of the need for digitisation in the health sector a big step forward." Said Helene Schönewolf, CEO at RAMPmedical. "In reality, there are still major challenges in terms of implementation and the spread of the idea, especially in remote regions or where hospitals suffer from financial problems. But I am optimistic that the current political, legal and subsidy measures will help to put the vision into practice and that innovation in the healthcare system can take off."

Read the whole interview here:

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