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Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Scientists and doctors involved in RAMP create an association to exchange medical knowledge directly. Transparenz in Arzneimittelstudien - TAS e.V.

While working on RAMP, not only Jacques and I, but all others that work with us and advise us in their specialties, that there is something that we, as scientists and doctors, can do already - talk directly to each other.

Most medical knowledge is driven by economic interest. For example, there is a new diabetes drug. It's owned by a pharma company, that developed the drug or bought the patent, because they see a financial interest. The market is big - there are lots of diabetics. The drug might be a little better than existing drugs - so making it a little more expensive is justified. And then there is this team of hundreds of sales people that will flood medical practices, so that doctors get to know it and the new drug will be presented on conferences. This is very expensive.. But they will for sure make a good profit out of it.

But what's with treatments you can't patent, or drugs that are already on the market and would help with other diseases. To bring the drug for the other disease on the market, too, it would again require clinical trials, that cost hundreds of millions, but the companies couldn't win the money back, because it's already for little money on the market.

That means that nobody would pay sales representatives to go from door to door to tell doctors about this new discovery.

Scientists and doctors exchange knowledge directly.

And how to transfer knowledge without a budget? Just talk to each other!

But also, scientists are glad to make publications at least comparable and summarize a little. So that doctors have an easier access. Because doctors could theoretically just read lots of publications every day. But even if they did, there is just too much research that one person could read all this, not even for one medical field.


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