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How to find the right treatment in 30 seconds | RAMP release for India | Free access

According to the World Health Organization, medication errors are one of the leading causes of injury and avoidable harm. There are 720,000 adverse drug reactions per year in India. And this causes around 400,000 deaths in that country annually.

AI Empowered Doctor
AI Empowered Doctor

We isolate endpoints that are relevant to the therapy decision of the doctors. We extract all existing data about these endpoints for all existing therapies. We standardize and normalize the data to make them comparable. We match the patient characteristics to the characteristics of the patients that were looked at in the publication, to infer the impact that each therapy would have for this particular patient on the endpoints relevant to the therapy decision (safety, efficacy, long-term improvements).

RAMPmedical release for India - Indian version in a phone
RAMP release for India

The RAMP therapy decision support tool is now also adapted to India.

  • Indian drug prices are available

  • Indian drug names

  • The 10 year risk of dying from a cardiovascular event (Systematic COronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE) in India

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