Doctors need more

Listening to doctors what they need and what their pain point is. Let's see how we can help...

"Is this really neutral? It's just not enough information to actually prescribe a drug."

After listing new drugs, spending lots of money on programming a nice website, it turns out that doctors need more..

Basically, simple drug lists with this governmental product information about the drug is not enough for doctors. Ok. They know now that new drugs there are. But this information, that you also find in the box of the drug, is just not enough for doctors to know whether they can prescribe it. Even though: Dear doctors, if you read this, don't be so careful with our feelings! Just tell us, what you need. But ok, we got it anyway.

Now, we will spend some time to add more information about presciption et cetera to the drug. Maybe some patient information sheets. Pharma companies normally provide to doctors well made flyers and everything, that are supposed to make all scientific information about a drug easily understandable. We'll see, how that turns out...

Jacques, me, Anja and Matt

Luckily there are two great scientists, Anja and Matt, helping us with the data base.


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