A lot happened in 5 months

Since we were selected by the Startupbootcamp Digital Health, a lot happened:

We found many people and organisations to help us in our journey

We started a collaboration with several partners (the faculty of chemistry of Strasbourg, the university hospitals of Strasbourg, the pain clinic in Berlin). We also got over 20 mentors to advise us for this journey, and among them are: Stefan Mannes, CEO of Kakoii. Jean-Marc Planeix, dean of chemistry and director of Scientific Collegium in Strasbourg. Linda Hickman, founder at Hickman & Associates, Stanford Alumni, Prof. at London School of Economics. Pablo Rojas, Science and Entrepreneurship Lead at XPOMET. Maike Henningsen, CEO of Lonicare. Tobias Wittich, CEO of the Place. Nikolaus Huss, Managing Partner at KovarHuss Policy Advisors.

We developed our product far enough to test it and prove that it will save lives

We brought our product to a beta-version for diabetologists and tested how much RAMP improve their therapy decision. To do so, we designed 5 cases consisting of patients with diabetes and asked doctors to solve them both with and without our software. We categorized the therapies they chose into three groups: optimal therapy, suboptimal therapy, and dangerous therapy. By comparing the outcomes, we proved that RAMP improves significantly the therapy decision of doctors. A detailed article about the testing is being written.

We confirmed that organizations are ready to pay for our product

We received three letters of intent from hospitals, stating that they will purchase our solution once we are certified with Diabetology, Pain and Cardiology. This shows significant interest from potential clients and confirm the potential of our product.

Participating to Startupbootcamp Digital Health brought a lot

Startupbootcamp helped us to improve everything that is needed to make a good business case: see and assess all potential business model, which certification is needed and which one would help the business model, how to articulate what we have so everybody can see how great it is. Startupbootcamp also put us in contact with most of the mentors we mentioned. We can recommend any start-up to participate to this program, because of the quality of the workshops and the level of their network.

Press is talking about us

Several articles were published about us in the medias. One in Healthcare Marketing about the release of our beta-version and our goal in general.


Another one by the Startupbootcamp that summarize quickly who we are, what RAMP does, and our goal.


Then, a detailed interview of our founders with ICT&health magazine. They explain in details the challenges around our project, such as how to implement evidence-based medicine in every treatment decision.


Bonus: We aired in few videos

The Startupbootcamp published several promotional videos, where the founders of RAMP participated together with the SBC team and the other start-ups:

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Demo Day 2018 Opening video

The elusive species of entrepreneurs : A docu-parody

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin 2018: The Year in Recap

What now?

Our strategy now is the following: Raise 500.000€ of private investment to be able to certify and put on the market the version of RAMP with diabetes, pain and cardiology. This investment will also allow us to secure public funding to support RAMP for the current goals and future ones.


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